Why you need to be watching The Real Virtual Show

So I started following The Real Virtual Show’s host Malia Probst last year when she posted an article to the Virtual Reality community on ZapChain where I am a moderator. She is well informed in the current state of VR with a great enthusiasm for the subject. (Exactly what we need) For a relatively new show she has already gotten some great members of the VR community including people from AltSpaceVR, OtherworldVR, Cubicle Ninjas, and 360HEROS just to name a few.

The Real Virtual Show starts out interview, works its way into conversational with incorporated audience questions as it goes, it’s a great informal format. The live show happens over on Blab.im, a great live conversation site that brings live video feeds and audience chat together with some clever little features that bring it all together. Recorded audio podcast of the show are available on iTunes for free, you can read my iTunes review below. Personally I can’t wait to catch the next show with Dora Cheng Cofounder of uForis VR: Virtual Reality solution provider. Let’s all support women in VR and check out the next episode of The Real Virtual Show.

RVS iTunes Review


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