Mycestro Wearable Mouse Product Review

I had the opportunity to try out the Mycestro wearable mouse for the last couple of weeks as part of the sproutup product trial program and it’s a pretty interesting device. The Mycestro fits around your right index or middle finger giving you full 3 button mouse capability. On your computers end it connects via a standard dongle and Bluetooth connection. Recharging and configuration are done via a mini USB port. (Cable included) I have used every flavor of mouse type input device under the sun, and this one is defiantly different.

Mycestro 002

In order to move the cursor you need to touch the thumb pad and move your hand. This simple sounding action probably took me the longest to get the hang of.  After getting the hang of touching the thumb pad at the right time and not waving my whole arm around like a lunatic it’s actually pretty simple to use. You only need to make small movements with your hand to cursor around and it’s pretty accurate. In addition to the 3 mouse buttons swiping your thumb back and forth on the top area of the thumb pad acts like a scroll wheel.

Mycestro 001

The Mycestro is lightweight (1/2 ounce or about 14 grams) and while it doesn’t interfere with typing, but you do notice it is there. I wasn’t able to detect any kind of lag in using the device however I did notice that it does seem to skip if you move your hand too quickly. My original impression was that this was a 3D mouse but that actually isn’t the case, despite the number of reviewers that insist on calling it that. While you do move your hand around in 3D space to make it work, it only functions as a normal 2D mouse. So if you were hoping for this to work like a mini SpaceMouse or SpaceNavigator you are out of luck.

Mycestro 004

I do like the Mycestro but it does have a few shortcomings. Charging is easy enough, and 3 hours of charging will buy you 2 days of normal use. However there is no way to turn the unit off or tell when it needs to be charged. So while the Mycestro is perfect as an alternative to the touchpad on a laptop it’s likely to need recharging after living in your laptop bag for a while. You can use it with the cable attached but it’s beyond awkward.

Mycestro 003

It’s also not really useful for playing games. Like I mentioned before it has a tendency to skip if you move it too fast. Also the thumb pad arrangement is ill suited to games that require you to click more than one button at a time. I was unable to pair the unit with my Android phone so I was not able to test it as a controller for Google Cardboard. But from what I have read it’s not compatible with most Android devices.

If you have a laptop that you use often the Mycestro is a great alternative to using a touch pad. It’s perfect to more casual applications like surfing the web and reading documents. Overall it’s a good alternative mouse to have but I wouldn’t want to use it as my only mouse.

The Mycestro and related gear (check out the little gift box) is avalable on their website @


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